SPD Participation at 14th Dhaka Motor Show 2019

(14 March 2019) Dhaka Motor Show stands firmly as one of the flagship events of CEMS-Global in Bangladesh and has become an icon of the country as the One & ONLY International Automotive Exhibition of Bangladesh. This event presents showdown for New Vehicles and aftermarket components of the rapidly expanding automotive market of Bangladesh in the Auto industry. Exhibits 

include Vehicles : Cars, Sports Utility Vehicles, Multi Utility Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, Three Wheelers, Alternative energy driven vehicles including battery operated vehicles, Motor Cycles, Scooters, Mopeds Automotive Components & Spares, Garage & Garage Equipment, Accessories, Insurance products & services.

Tan Chong Engine oil distributer (Maven Auto) in Dhaka

Visitors entering to the hall on event days

SPD team participated in the Auto Parts Show (From left to right)

Ms.Samantha Soah Lee Boon, Manager, Oversea Marketing

Dato Than Tai Hing, Consultant

Dato Tan Seng Sung, Consultant

Mr.Chia Ming Horng – Officer, Oversea Marketing