Nano Air Car Air Purifier

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The products have several characteristics:
1. Improves the air quality circulated inside car
2. Reduces PM2.5, odor, smoke
3. Neutralizes air pollutants such as bacteria, virus, mold and dust
4. Reduces fatigueness when driving
5. Produces 3 million negative ions per cubic meter per second
6. Generates ozone concentration less than 0.02ppm

Chemical reactions confirm the above argument.
Why can moisturize : H2O is decomposed into H + (for unstable gas, which disappears quickly) and OH-, OH- combines with the H + (DNA) of bacteria / virus / organic gas in the environment reduction to H2O, all the moisture in the environment can keep better.
Why will have good spirit : There are many gases such as H2O (humidity), O2 (oxygen) in the air, and the chemical changes after passing through our nanoair are as follows:
H2O —-( H +) and (OH-)
O2 ——- (O-) and (O3) etc.
OH- will combine with unstable gas
(OH-) + (O3) = (H2O) + (O2) (This is why the user’s eyes are not easy to dry and maintain good spirits when driving for a long distance and why our product is no O3)
(OH-) + (H +) = H2O (this is the moisturizing effect and the reason why the eyes are not easy to dry)

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